Registering & Accessing Your Church Account


Registration for the Gotedo Software is congregation-based. This means that you are not opening a generic account all congregations or branches of your church. Rather, each congregation or branch should have a unique account.

We are working towards including branch management as part of the suite of functionalities so that one user account can administer different congregations or branches as required.

You will need to create an account for your congregation/church before you can have access into the application. The registration process is quite simple. Please visit the registration page, fill the registration form, accept the terms and conditions, and submit form.

The use of Yahoo email accounts for registration is discouraged. This is due to several email deliverability issues with Yahoo accounts. Please use Gmail email accounts or any other email providers. A Gmail account can be easily created just for this purpose.

Please take note of the following:

  1. On the registration form, the field Name of Church should be descriptive and localised. For example, use Church of Christ, Mile 12, Ikotun, Lagos instead of Church of Christ or Church of Christ, Mile 12 or Church of Christ, Mile 12, Lagos. The reason is that there could many congregations of Church of Christ or different areas known as Mile 12 within Lagos.
  2. As much as it is possible, the personal email address of the registrant should be different from the Church official email address. This is not required but might be enforced later.
  3. The use of strong password is required on the form. You will find instructions for generating strong passwords below the Password field.

The use of generic church names could delay the approval of your registration.


After submitting your registration details, an activation email will be sent to your email account. Please use the activation link with 48 hours. The email should arrive instantly, however, on some cases, it could take few minutes for the email to arrive. When the email arrives, please click on the activation link on the email to activate your account.

You will not be able to login after activation until your church account has been approved. A notification email will be sent to both provided personal and church email addresses when your church account is approved.

Logging Into Your Account

Once your church account is approved, you can log into your account using your personal email address and password.

If you were invited by your church administrator to join your church account and you have activated your account, then you will have to reset your account so that you can generate a new password for yourself. Please visit the Forgot Password page to initiate the process. Afterwards, you can log into your account with your personal email address and password.