Introducing the Services Module


The Gotedo Church Management Software comes with a full-fledged and continuously-improved module for managing church services. The Services module is, perhaps, the largest module within Gotedo and, of course, that could be understandable since there might not be a church without church services. The Services module is highly customisable to suit the needs of any church whether small-, medium-, or large-sized churches/congregations. The various mechanisms for customising the Service module will be explained as read through various topics within this category.

Summary of Features within the Service Module

As a teaser, the Services modules offers the ability to:

  1. Create multiple service types such as Sunday Morning Service, Midweek Bible Class, Friday Prayer Session, etc.;
  2. Create multiple services per day such as Sunday 7 AM Service, Sunday 9 AM Service, Sunday 12 PM Service, etc.;
  3. Capture attendances of members for each service;
  4. Create different types of offerings/givings and capture their amounts per service;
  5. Create various service activities such as song leading, prayers, teaching, sermon, announcement, offering, communion, etc., and assign these activities to different members who will anchor them per service;
  6. Create service activities templates for grouping service activities and associating them with services;
  7. Create service activities schedules per service by assigning members to service activities;
  8. Send SMS notifications to members who have been scheduled to anchor different activities;
  9. Generate roster of activities per month from all the service activities schedules for the entire month;
  10. Capture visitors who attended each service and have a comprehensive database for correspondences/follow-ups;
  11. Send SMS welcome messages to visitors once they are captured into your church backend;
  12. Capture the actual head count of attendees per service irrespective of those captured via the attendance capture process;
  13. View percentage difference between the attendances, head counts, and offering amounts of the current service against that of the previous week's service.

Preliminary Steps Before Using Services Module

Before you begin creating services, there are several things to put in place. It is recommended that you perform the steps listed below to ensure that your church environment is fully set-up for you to use the Services modules optimally. 1.