Membership Self-Registration

The Membership Self-Registration module is only available after performing the Stage 1 of the Onboarding and Data Migration process and verifying your church.


We understand the importance for churches to migrate their current database of members (whether on paper, Excel spreadsheets, or aother database applications) to the Gotedo software. The Stage 1 (Data Migration stage) of the Onboarding and Data Migration module was designed to facilitate bulk upload (migration) of membership data through a special Excel template. However, we have also understood that many churches do not have the technical know-how to perform such bulk migration via the Data Migration system. Hence, the need for this module - the Membership Self-Registration module.

The Membership Self-Registration module offers a very secured way for church administrators to request their members to register themselves as members of each respective church instead of the administrators doing the whole work of registering them manually via the Membership Form or the Onboarding & Data Migration Module. Basically, this is outsourcing the workload of migration your entire database to each individual member. Using the Membership Self-Registration module is advantageous because it gives you the chance to get up-to-date information about each member compared to the existing information you had.


The security layer of the Membership Self-Registration module as also been well-designed to reduce spams/fake registrations. The following mechanisms ensures that the safety of the self-registration process for your church:

  1. There an invisible Google Recaptcha verification which reduces bots from using the secured links if it is leaked,
  2. The link self-expires after two weeks after which a new one has to be generated and resent to your members,
  3. A pass code needs to be entered when the link is visited for additional verification,
  4. There is an invisible self-expiring token which grants access to the actual registration after the pass code is verified.
  5. A notification is sent to each church administrator alerting them when self-registrations occur. The administrator should verify each submission through any means they wish to use. Non-verified submissions can be easily deleted.

How It Works

The Membership Self-Registration process has the following steps:

  1. Link generation,
  2. Link sharing,
  3. Self-registration by members,
  4. Verification by church admins.

To get started, you need to generate a new self-registration link. Please follow these steps:

  1. On the Sidebar Menu, go to Members > Self-Registration Links.
  2. On the Membership Self-Registration Links page, Go to Actions > Generate New Link. When the new link is generated, click the View Link button at the end of the row or double-click the row to view the details of the generated self-registration link.
  3. On the Membership Self-Registration Link Details page, click the Copy button to copy the instructions for the self-registration link.
  4. The instructions contains the self-registration link and the pass code need for verification.

Send the copied instructions to your church members. Please take note of the following:

  1. The link is valid for 2 weeks.
  2. On expiry, you will need to generate a new link to resend to them if you need more members to self-register.
  3. If no further self-registration is expected on expiry of any link, there is no need to create a new link.

Self-Registration by Members

From your members' end:

  1. They should click the self-registration link contained in the instructions.
  2. When page loads, they will be required to enter the pass code (found in the instructions). If verification is successful, they will be redirected to the Membership Registration Form.
  3. They should fill and submit the form.

Verification by Church Admins

  1. The church administrators (OrgAdmins) will receive notifications within the Gotedo backend when a new self-registration is submitted.
  2. Church admins are responsible for the final verification of submissions.

We hope this module reduces your workloads and helps make your onboarding easier.

After the initial onboarding of members, you can still use the Membership Self-Registration Module to incrementally/continuously register new members as you wish.