Introducing the Onboarding & Data Migration Module


This Gotedo Onboarding and Data Migration module is designed to provide very clear and simple steps for setting up important aspects of your church environment and migrating your data to Gotedo Software. If followed carefully, you will have the data structure of your church set up and your members' data migrated with minimal efforts. Please read these notes carefully. You will save yourself from expensive mistakes when you understand the principles behind the Onboarding/Data Migration module.

While designing this software, it was understood that each church has unique patterns to their data collections. That is why Gotedo is designed to be very flexible. You will be find steps for defining your own data representations so that you take control of how your data is captured and displayed.

The onboarding/migration process is divided into two major stages: 1. Onboarding stage, and 2. Data Migration stage.

The Onboarding Stage

In the Onboarding Stage, you will create your church's data structure such as church hierarchy (positions), zones, ministries, service types, etc. The Onboarding Stage is divided into tasks such creating of positions, creating of zones, etc. The structural data created in the Onboarding Stage will be needed in the Data Migration stage. We recommend that you take advantage of the Onboarding Stage and create the structural data for your church.

The Data Migration Stage

The Data Migration Stage is very important. If your Church already has data of her members and you need to transfer (migrate) that data from an existing database system or Excel spreadsheet, the Data Migration Stage will guide you through the process of migrating your data to the Gotedo Application.

This Onboarding/Data Migration system is not compulsory but recommended. You can create the same data by visiting different sections of the application. However, we recommend that you perform, at least, the Onboarding Stage (Stage One), so that you can easily create all the relevant data structure for your church. On the completion of Stage One, your can skip Stage Two (Data Migration Stage) and begin to capture your data manually if you wish. There is a fixed notification to remind of the importance on performing the steps of the onboarding stage. The notification will be dismissed when you satisfy the requirements of Stage One whether you perform the Onboarding Stage One steps or not.

Your progress through the Onboarding/Data Migration processes will be persisted to the database. This means that you can exit the onboarding/migration page and return to continue from where you stopped. The Onboarding/Data Migration Process will show you adequate notifications so that you know where you left off.

The Onboarding Stage One process is an overriding process. This means that after performing each onboarding task, if you return to perform the same task again, the previous data created during that task will be overriden. For example: if you created positions earlier during the "Create Positions" task, when you return to perform that task again, the application will delete all previous positions and create new ones. This ensures data integrity.

You are free to skip tasks during the Onboarding Stage and return to them later. There are Next and Previous buttons at the button of the Onboarding steps for easily navigation. As you perform the onboarding tasks, there will be notifications with links to take you to the relevant sections of the application where you can view the data created. You can also navigate to those sections through the navigation sidebar on the left of your screen.

You will also find detailed explanations on the reasons for each migration/onboarding step. Also, there are default values which will give you a clear understanding of what each migration/onboarding step represents. You could make use of those default values, delete, or modify them to suit the needs and requirements of your church.