Onboarding Stage - Stage One


The first stage of the Onboarding & Data Migration module involves setting up your church's data structure such as church hierarchy (positions), zones, ministries, service types, membership manners, giving types, absence reasons, head count types, and service activities. Accordingly, the Onboarding Stage is divided into tasks such creating of positions, creating of zones, etc. These structural data created in this Onboarding Stage will be needed in the Data Migration stage (Stage 2).

To get started with the Onboarding and Data Migration, go to the Sidebar Menu > Settings and click Onboarding/Data Migration. The welcome page contains similar instructions provided in this documentation. You will find the instructions within the software and this documentation similar and complementary.

General Usage Guide

The layout and buttons within the Onboarding Stage are very similar across all the steps. The layout of each step of the Onboarding Stage is divided into:

  1. Header,
  2. Body, and
  3. Footer.

Within the header area, you will find:

  1. The title of the current step of the Onboarding Stage,
  2. A warning notification indicated if entities already exists for each step,
  3. A success notification when you have successfully created entities for each step, and
  4. A description of what you are meant to do within each step.

Within the body area, you will find:

  1. Input boxes for typing name of entities you are required to create,
  2. Radio buttons for choosing default entries (where needed),
  3. Delete buttons for removing entries you do not need,
  4. Add buttons for adding new entries,
  5. Ordering buttons for re-ordering the positions of the entries (where necessary),
  6. Create buttons for submitting/creating your data at each step of the Onboarding Stage,

Within the footer area, you will find:

  1. Next button for going to the next step of the Onboarding Stage,
  2. Previous button for going to the previous step of the Onboarding Stage, and
  3. Finish button when you have reached the end of the Onboarding Stage.

Onboarding Steps

There are nine (9) steps to be completed during this Onboarding stage:

Step 1: Creation of Positions

Positions refer to the hierachy in your church. For example: Elders/Bishops, Deacons, Evangelist, Members, etc. You are free to define as many positions as they are available. However, make sure you provide one "catch-all" position as such as "Member" as "default" for assigning all members who do not have a special position.